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Taekwondo Experience Programme

Taekwondo Experience Programme which contains the spirit and culture of Korea has been provided to tourists in Seoul by Kukkiwon, the World Taekwondo Headquarter. In order to enhance the Republic of Korea as the country which taekwondo has originated, taekwondo will be utilized as the representative of cultural product with the Kukkiwon regular performance.

Outline of the programme

  • Schedule
    Mon ~ Fri . 17:00 ~ 18:00 (1 hour)
  • Venue
    Kukkiwon performance hall
  • Participants
    50 persons(Max.) per session (first-come basis)
    if the registered persons are less than three per one session, the programme would not be held


Programme Time contents Participants
Basic programme 17:00~18:00 Refer to below Foreign tourists
Special programme Flexible schedule Up to the request International/domestic
taekwondo black belt

Basic Programme

Running time Contents Note
Introduction 10 minutes Introduction of Kukkiwon and Gangnam-gu
Section 1 45minutes Warming-up Stretching
Section 2 Basic movement of taekwondo
Section 3 Basic taekwondo kicks
Section 4 10minutes Breaking experience
Awarding 10minutes Certificate Awarding

Reservation process (Individual)

  • Step. 1
    Fill in the form below
  • Step. 2
    Check 'Booking confirmation' in your email you have written in the form

Reservation Form

Personal Informaiton


Size of taekwondobok (Uniform)

  • Thanks for your participation in the programme. The details you have filled in the form have been taken for your reservation and the Competion certificate. Therefore, all the information you have given will be shredded after certificates issued.

Registration Guide

  • Reservation for groups
    Please contact to the number below.
    - If you would reserve for more than 10 persons, your reservation will be made only by phone call.
  • Reservation for individuals
    Please fill in the reservation form above, and check 'Booking confirmation' in your email.
    - Programme expense for individuals is paid on the day scene
  • Contact Info
    Mobile : 010-9010-5563 (Kang Seong Kwon, Programme instructor) / E-Mail : clinlake@naver.com

Taekwondo Experience Programme Instructor

  • Taekwondo Experience Programme Instructor

    Master Kang Seong Kwon(Taekwondo 6th degree)

    • Asia Pacific International School Tae Kwon Do Head Instructor
    • New York State "Korean Day" Tae Kwon Do Demonstration Director
    • Pai's Academy of Tae Kwon Do in New York State , USA Tae Kwon Do Head-instructor
    • FFK Kindergarten Tae kwon do Instructor

국기원 시범단

  • 跆拳道示范,
  • 国技院示范团发挥着跆拳道世界化的尖兵作用,同时发挥着跆拳道外交使节团的作用。